Introduction to Inventory Collection with HEAT LANrev

Join Rene Gonzalez and Bao Tran to learn how LANrev can help your IT department be more proactive in managing client devices by detecting potential issues early. This allows your team to plan ahead for these issues and minimize the amount of time spent on resolving them to make the best use of your time.

Introduction to HEAT LANrev Software Packaging for Mac Systems

Join Rene Gonzalez and Bao Tran to see how LANrev’s simple to use software distribution allows for quick creation of software packages via native Mac admin console drag and drop of PKG and MPKG packages. If your application doesn’t come in PKG format LANrev’s InstallEase repackager can automatically create a PKG for it via before and after snapshots. Files can also be dragged in directly from the Finder if you already know where they reside. Once your package has been added you simply need to set the installation options to customize when the package installs and how it interacts with the enduser.

Remote Control in HEAT LANrev

Join Rene Gonzalez and Bao Tran about many client management products resort to screensharing too quickly, often resulting in a loss of enduser productivity. LANrev includes a plethora of remote management commands that can be used to remotely troubleshoot and diagnose problems without disturbing the enduser. The other benefit of these commands over screensharing is that they can be targeted to multiple computers at once. In the rare cases where the problem can not be resolved using these remote management commands, then techs can resort to the native cross-platform remote control to view what the user is seeing.

Enterprise Mobility Management with HEAT LANrev

Join Rene Gonzalez and Bao Tran to see how LANrev EMM can help configure and secure your mobile devices, deploy app store apps, and securely distribute media files. Support for BYOD lets you manage personal devices separately from institutional devices owned by the organization.

Minimizing End User Disruption when Deploying Packages with HEAT LANrev

Managing BYOD Devices in HEAT LANrev

Join Rene Gonzalez and Bao Tran to see many features within LANrev help make managing BYOD mobile devices easier for your IT department. Users can interactively enroll devices with their AD credentials, which allows you associate a user with a mobile device. LANrev EMM can also set up and then later remove corporate email accounts, VPN connections, and Wi-Fi connections on mobile devices should the user leave your organization.